Full Avionics Modernization

Astronautics has both led and supported full avionics modernization programs in helicopters, trainers, fighters, civil and military transports, and special mission aircraft.  These avionics upgrades have included flight deck upgrades with improved navigation, communication, and surveillance/safety systems to support varying operator requirements. These avionics modernization programs have included civil STC’s and military certifications.

The purpose for these modernization programs has included meeting safety mandates such as display of new terrain, weather, and traffic information, introducing CNS/ATM capabilities through new Flight Management Systems and Global Positioning Systems integrated with new cockpit displays, integrating new sensors and display systems to support surveillance and search and rescue missions, extending aircraft operational capabilities and life through the replacement of obsolete systems, and introducing enhanced avionics and mission functions such as high definition video and sensors, digital maps, ADS-B and Link 16 for improved situational awareness, and  data link control.

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