Airline Retrofits

Astronautics has supported airline transports for more than 40 years, and currently has equipment flying in more than 90 airlines. Many of these airline programs have been retrofits of aircraft that are already in service. These retrofits have introduced cockpit displays and servers to meet safety mandates and to improve efficiency of operations.  In support of safety mandates, Astronautics has provided dual 5ATI Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (EHSI) display systems, four 5ATI Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) displays, and four 6×8 EFIS display system retrofits presenting terrain and flight plan/position information to the crew with Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) certifications for terrain and CNS/ATM retrofit programs. Astronautics has also provided Electronic Flight Bag retrofits through STC’s to improve efficiency with paperless cockpit document reader, airport moving map, ADS-B based Cockpit Display of Traffic Information, Maintenance, Enroute map, and Electronic Chart applications. In addition to the EFB retrofits, Astronautics is providing Servers to enhance airline operations in the areas of maintenance, data loading, security, and other efficiency improvements.

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