High Definition (HD) Video Displays

The defense and security demands for high-altitude,lLong-endurance Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and target designation have increased dramatically in the last decade as threats and challenges have increased throughout the world. These evolving demands have led to the development and use of improved surveillance systems that now offer high definition video sensors, increased stand-off ranges, real-time image enhancement, improved feature detection and recognition, and high performance haze penetration.   These improvements have included superior imaging resolution from Electro-Optic and Infrared cameras and high definition digital imaging that require cockpit and mission station displays to support this new digital and high definition video.

To meet this growing demand, Astronautics has developed and is now fielding high definition video input and output capabilities in a variety of its products for surveillance and search and rescue systems.  The introduction of Digital Video Interface (DVI) and SMPTE-292M High Definition digital video to Astronautics displays has enabled operators to upgrade to HD sensor systems without having to install dedicated video displays.  These capabilities are now being implemented in a variety of Astronautics display systems and display processors.

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