Bearing Distance Heading Indicator

The Astronautics Bearing Distance Heading Indicators (BDHI) convert synchro signals into numerical indications of distance, heading, and bearing. The indicator displays distances from 0 up to 1999 NM. The compass card and the two bearing pointers display heading and bearing information throughout 360 degrees of rotation. The distance presentation is positioned by synchro receivers while the bearing pointers and compass card are positioned by self-contained servomechanisms. These BDHI instruments have been provided for more than 100 aircraft types including the Tornado, C-17, F-14, C-130, P-3, F-5, A-7, AV-8, CH-53, F-111, C-141, UH-1, E-2, AH-64 and many other aircraft.

  • Hermetic seal
  • Magnetic Compass Heading from Master Directional Reference
  • Command Heading Information from Rotation of Heading Set Knob
  • Bearing Information to Select Station Displayed by Bearing Pointer
  • To/From Indication from a Selected Radio Facility
  • Range Readout
  • Front Mounted
  • Proven reliability
  • Established logistics support
  • Minimal obsolescence issues

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