AFI 5500 Electronic Flight Instrument System Family

The Astronautics AFI-5500 family of 5ATI Electronic Flight Instruments (EFI) are TSO certified displays available in multiple configurations to meet specific operator requirements. The 5ATI displays are designed as replacements for electro-mechanical HSI and ADI instruments while also supporting a variety of navigation and surveillance overlays. This 5ATI EFI is available with legacy interfaces to accept analog radio and navigation sensor inputs, but also support ARINC-429 and ARINC-453/708 interfaces for CNS/ATM requirements of Navigation (FMS map overlays) and Surveillance (traffic, terrain, weather). These EFIs are available with many hardware and strappable software configurations for helicopters, transports, trainers, and special purpose aircraft.

  • ARINC-429, ARINC-453/708, RS-422, analog, discrete, and synchro interfaces designed to support upgrade and production of aircraft with both legacy and modern system interfaces
  • Supports bezel and external control
  • Display formats and functions, installation and human machine interface configurations can be tailored to the operator requirements
  • NVIS compatible
  • TSO certified to Design Assurance Level A
  • Supports CDTI/ADS-B
  • Supports analog and digital systems
  • 5ATI chassis designed to replace electromechanical instruments
  • Provides maximum display functionality with minimum impact to the cockpit layout and installation
  • Minimal training required
  • Enables the customer to tailor the product to meet its mission and operational requirements
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