AFI 4700 RoadRunner™ Electronic Flight Instrument

A Faster Way to Upgrade

The Astronautics AFI 4700 RoadRunner Electronic Flight Instrument (EFI) is a form-fit-function EFI that is designed as a replacement for Attitude Director Indicator and Horizontal Situation Indicator primary flight instruments.

The RoadRunner offers enhanced safety, reduced operating costs, and minimized installation downtime, and is capable of displaying terrain awareness, traffic, weather, and synthetic vision.

  • A form-fit-function upgrade
  • Installs in less than two hours with minimal changes to wiring, power, instrument panel, and cooling requirements
  • Readability in all lighting conditions; NVIS compatible
  • Displays HTAWS, TCAS, Weather, SVS, and other EFIS functions
  • Field-loadable software without instrument removal
  • Cost-effective upgrade to existing platforms
  • Enhances safety
  • Low-cost option to add HTAWS; satisfies HEMS mandate
  • Modern EFIS functionality; minimal training required
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Increases reliability
  • Reduces weight and part count
  • Minimal downtime to install

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