Onboard Information Terminal

Astronautics Onboard Information Terminal (OIT) system is a programmable Tactical Flight Bag display system. The OIT consisting of dual 12.1” touchscreen displays and dual processing units supports Mission Planning, Boom/Enhanced Vision System, Network Server applications, and other EFB and tactical applications.

  • Touchscreen and programmable key display controls
  • Advanced i7 processors and graphics accelerators in each processing unit
  • Solid state mass-storage in each processing unit
  • Ethernet network, ARINC-429, USB, RS-422, and analog video
  • Real-Time Data Channels via Ethernet
  • Redundant and flexible
  • Each computer can drive each display
  • Displays are 12.1” diagonal, thin profile, DVI input displays
  • Hosts Windows, Linux, or Real Time Operating Systems
  • Programmable functions can be added with no impact to the existing avionics and mission systems
  • Scalable through addition of applications
  • Significant growth potential to integrate additional sensors and systems
  • Operators and 3rd party application providers can develop tactical applications

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