AMF 6600 MFD Family

Astronautics Multifunction Display (MFD) unit family is an Active Matrix Color Liquid Crystal Display with a useable screen size of 6.25×6.25, configured specifically to meet multiple aircraft requirements. The display units are designed for multifunction use, displaying symbology, graphics, and both monochrome and color video. This display family can also be offered with single or multiple processors for application, graphics and video processing. The full color (RGB) capabilities also allow the MFD to be used as a Sensor, Weapon Video and Digital Map Display.

  • High brightness, high contrast
  • Programmable and dedicated multifunction bezel keys
  • Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatibility
  • Displays color, monochrome video and stroke video
  • Smart display supports overlay and underlay of video
  • Video source selectable via RS-422 or Discretes
  • Zoom
  • Designed specifically for use in fighter and trainer aircrafts
  • Configurable to support retrofit of legacy cockpit and new production
  • High reliability

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