AEC 5400 Engine Display Family

Astronautics produces a family of 5×4 Engine Instrument & Crew Alert System (EICAS) displays that are designed to be replacements for electromechanical engine instruments and caution advisory annunciators. These displays can be provided for direct interface to the Engine system with analog, synchro, and thermocouple interfaces, or can be provided with an Astronautics Engine Data Concentrator Unit (EDCU) to enable ARINC-429 inputs to cockpit displays. The EICAS family of displays provides a mature, integrated display system for accurate propulsion system information and caution advisory awareness for virtually any airborne application.

  • Low power
  • NVIS compatible
  • High reliability
  • Direct downloading of engine performance information simplifies the transfer to maintenance records[fusion_/li_item]
  • A separate serial test port can be used to easily amend scales, parameters or other features on the display[fusion_/li_item]
  • RS-422, ARINC-429, discrete, thermocouple, and analog inputs
  • TSO certified to DO-178B and DO-254 Design Assurance Level A
    • Interfaces directly to the engines or to a data concentrator unit
    • Tailored software allows the product to meet its mission and operational requirements
    • Configurable to multiple engine types/configurations
    • High reliability
    • Lightweight