AEC 6800 Engine Display Family

The Astronautics 6×8 EICAS Display Family is a smart display configuration with advanced internal processing and interface capabilities to support a variety of airborne applications. Programmable functions include Engine, Caution Advisory, and System status.

  • ARINC-429 inputs from an Astronautics dual channel Engine Data Concentrator Unit (EDCU)
  • Supports analog RGB and RS-170 Analog video, digital DVI and SMPTE-292M High Definition video for advanced system use
  • Supports ARINC-453/708, analog, discrete, and synchro interfaces for advanced system use
  • Supports bezel and external control
  • Display formats and functions, installation and human machine interface configurations can be tailored to the operator requirements
  • NVIS compatible
  • TSO certified to Design Assurance Level A
  • Supports analog and digital systems
  • Enables the customer to tailor the product to meet its mission and operational requirements
  • Supports multiple video inputs with built-in growth to future standards
  • Common part number can support different cockpit functionality (i.e. from PFD to engine display)
  • Supports landscape or portrait installation
  • Field loadable software reduces logistics required
  • High reliability

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