3ATI Multi-Purpose Flight Instrument Family

Astronautics produces a family of smart Electronic Engine Display operating as an Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter Indicator, Vertical Velocity Indicator, Primary Engine Indicator, Engine/System Indicator, and Alternate Engine Indicator based on pin strapping in the connector. One common software load supports all of these functions. They are fielded on helicopters and trainers.  These displays offer state of the art performance with embedded processing, graphics generation, and interface circuitry so that no other display processors or interface units are required.  These TSO certified, Design Assurance Level A (DO-178 and DO-254) displays are designed with hardware and strappable software configuration options for interfaces, bezel controls, and mounted options.

  • ARINC-429 and discrete interfaces
  • NVIS compatible
  • TSO certified to Design Assurance up to and including Level A
  • No impact to the cockpit layout and installation
  • Tailored software allows the product to meet its mission and operational requirements with a single part number
  • Common part number for multiple functions reduces logistics foot print
  • High reliability
  • Lightweight
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