TactiX/Military Tactical Flight Bag

The Astronautics TactiX is a tactical mission and display system designed for use in advanced military helicopter and transport programs, enhancing situational awareness, information sharing between forces (C4I), and mission management through an onboard network architecture.  The TactiX is a flexible system that supports up to six displays connected through a T-Flex video and USB switch to one to three mission computers.  The system operates based on hosted tactical application software. This software can be provided by the end user using the open architecture of the Astronautics system, can be provided by the integrator, or can be provided by Astronautics. Applications can include a digital moving map, Tactical Data Link and C4I communications, document readers, communication radio tuning, and display of mission sensors data (RADAR, DIRCM, FLIR) and other avionics sensors to present a combined, integrated tactical view.

The TactiX system is composed of up to six displays and up to three mission computers. The TactiX mission computer and the TactiX display unit, AMF 6800, are available as standalone products.

  • Touchscreen and programmable key display controls
  • Advanced i7 processors and graphics accelerators in each mission computer
  • Solid state mass-storage in each mission computer
  • Ethernet network, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, USB, RS-422, and analog and digital video
  • Real-Time Data Channels via Ethernet
  • Redundant and flexible
  • T-Flex allows any pilot to access any computer on the network
  • Additional users may plug laptops to the network via the T-Flex switch
  • Programmable functions can be added with no impact to the existing avionics and mission systems
  • Scalable through addition of applications, displays, and computers
  • Significant growth potential to integrate additional sensors and systems
  • Operators and 3rd party application providers can develop tactical applications

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