The Astronautics NEXIS HELO was developed for commercial, medium and heavy lift IFR-capable rotorcraft. It expands the capabilities of the NEXIS Flight Server System with additional software to improve situational awareness and flight safety. The NEXIS HELO consists of a server system and an optional certified multifunction display. It allows the operator to streamline operations and supports operating in next generation airspace.

The NEXIS HELO supports the following functions/applications:

  • Airport Map/Runway Incursion Prevention
  • Enroute Moving Map with dynamic own-ship position
  • Aviation Weather Information
  • Network Connectivity
  • Communication Management
  • Data Loading
  • Maintenance Logging and Downloading
  • Charts & Maps
  • Document Reader
  • SafeBrowser
  • Remote Video Support

Astronautics has developed a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows operators to implement their own Software applications, increasing the expansion capabilities of this product.

  • Integrated HTAWS
  • DO-160F/DO-254 certified hardware
  • DO-178B, Up to Level C certified software
  • Certifiable Linux Operating System or other Operating Systems
  • Paperless cockpit reduces weight and improves efficiency
  • Automated Database Updating via the wireless interface reduces maintenance time
  • Improves the pilot situational awareness
  • NextGen Airspace capability
  • Recording and monitoring of aircraft parameters reduce maintenance costs and allow preventive maintenance
  • Protected gateway functionality reduces the risks of unauthorized access to the aircraft network
  • The built-in expansion capabilities allow the user to add tailored applications to improve operations with the Astronautics SDK option
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