The Astronautics NEXIS™ consists of a certified multi-purpose server system. The system allows the operator to connect certified displays or tablets to the server. This system allows the operator to connect consumer electronics to the aircraft network while overcoming the obsolescence limitations of using consumer electronics in the cockpit.

NEXIS supports the following functions/applications:

  • Airport Map/Runway Incursion Prevention
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Merging and Spacing
  • ADS-B In-Trail Procedures
  • CDTI Assisted Visual Separation (CAVS)
  • Enroute Moving Map with dynamic own-ship position
  • Aviation weather information
  • Network Connectivity
  • Communication Management
  • Data Loading
  • Maintenance logging and downloading (FOQA, MOQA, etc.)
  • Charts & Maps
  • Document Reader
  • Video surveillance
  • Flight operations manuals
  • Performance calculator
  • SafeBrowser

Astronautics has developed a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows operators to implement their own software applications, increasing the expansion capabilities of this product.

  • DO-160F/DO-254 certified hardware
  • DO-178B, up to Level C certified software
  • Certifiable Linux Operating System and other operating systems
  • Available with a removable solid state memory module
  • Connects to multiple tablets and certified avionics displays
  • NEXIS software and databases can be updated via a wireless connection to extend the useful life of the aircraft and reduce manpower needs
  • Improves the pilot situational awareness on the airport surface, reducing the risk of a runway incursion
  • Next generation airspace functionality reduces fuel costs by enabling more direct routing and flight at more efficient altitudes
  • Recording of aircraft parameters reduce maintenance costs and allow preventive maintenance
  • Protected gateway functionality reduces the risks of unauthorized access to the airplane network
  • The built-in expansion capabilities allow the user to add tailored applications to improve efficient operations
  • Reduces training and operation costs
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