Surface Area Moving Map

The Astronautics Surface Area Moving Map (SAMM) is an innovative software application that allows the pilot to understand the position of the aircraft on the airport surface and, with the support of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) data from a surveillance processor, it makes the pilot aware of the surrounding traffic.

  • Display of own-ship position
  • Multi-Source Position Capability (GPS, Surveillance Processor, etc.)
  • Configurable ARINC-816 elements
  • Option to display traffic and active runways
  • Runway identification and position
  • MOPS DO-317 Compliant
  • De-clutter feature
  • Optional Taxi Route Display
  • Option to Enable M&S, CAVS and ITP
  • Increases situational awareness of own-ship position in all weather and time of day conditions
  • Reduces the risk of runway incursions
  • Reduces the risk of taking off or landing from a taxiway
  • Enables more efficient ground operations by displaying the cleared taxi route
  • Reduces the risk of collision with other traffic and/or construction on the airport surface

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