Data Loading

The Astronautics Data Loading application allows the maintenance crews to improve productivity by loading databases in the most efficient way. Currently, a database upload is a time consuming operation that involves physically loading the new software on the aircraft. Data Loading allows the operator to wirelessly upload a new database and then load it into the selected system connected to the onboard server.

  • Loading applications, databases, and configuration parts
  • All application logs available for download
  • Compatibility with all off-aircraft (ACARS, Satcom, Iridium, Cellular, Wi-Fi, Gogo) and on-board (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, A429, Ethernet, USB) communication protocols
  • Supports ARINC-615/615A data loading
  • Extends life of classic platform by removing operational limitations due to database size constraints
  • Reduces database loading time
  • Eliminates the need and restrictions of physical media
  • Improves configuration management of the on-board data

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