NEXIS FSS is the world’s first server that allows for more efficient operations, meets future air traffic requirements, and adds functionality like display of weather and a gateway to protect the aircraft’s avionics network.NEXIS FSS allows you to access the data on your server through the most convenient interface, whether it is a tablet or a certified avionics display.

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NEXIS server solutions are tailored to customer needs and provide the following benefits to give customers the edge in today’s competitive global market:
  • A paperless cockpit, which reduces weight
  • Database-updating efficiencies via the wireless loader to extend the aircraft useful life and reduce manpower needs
  • Improved pilot situational awareness of the airport surface, providing a full-view of the runway, your own position and the position of other aircraft, reducing the risk of a runway incursion
  • Available as Class 2 or 3 EFB
  • DO-160F/DO-254 Certified Hardware
  • DO-178B, Up to Level C Certified Software
  • Certifiable Linux Operating System
  • Accepts Linux and/or Windows application programs
  • Available with single or dual processor and solid state memory modules
  • Programmable and dedicated bezel keys, touch screen, and external keyboard
  • NVIS compatibility
  • MIL-STD-1553 interface with user specific applications

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