Our Differentiators

Responsive. Affordable. Trusted.
Astronautics Corporation of America believes our culture is a major reason why the company has remained successful for more than five decades. We deliver on our commitments and focus on building strong relationships with our customers. Our commitment to these principles has enabled us to offer unique products and technologies for our customers. There are five values that we believe set us apart from the competition:

Trusted Partner. Our customers can be confident that we will deliver on our commitments.

  • We deliver and manage our programs on time and with great quality.
  • We support our products wherever they are operated.
  • We act as a trusted advisor to our customers.

Technology Innovation. We were founded to solve tough problems.

  • We want our customers to seek us out when they have difficult challenges.
  • We seek to provide solutions, not products.
  • Our broad range of experience, and global workforce, provides a significant base of knowledge and expertise.
  • We are big enough to take on large challenges, but small enough to respond quickly.

Tailored Solutions. We work with our customers to address and often exceed their needs. We refuse to adopt the “take it or leave it” approach that many of our competitors use; we work with customers to see how we can make our solutions better for their applications.

Responsive. When our customers contact us, they can be confident that we will get back to them quickly and accurately.

Affordable. We strive to offer solutions that provide value to our customers by efficiently managing our costs and delivering our products at reasonable prices.

Astronautics provides tailored solutions to achieve YOUR mission.

We Are Astronautics Corporation of America.