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For more than five decades, Astronautics Corporation of America has earned the distinction as a global leader in the design and manufacture of avionics equipment and systems for the commercial and military aerospace industry. Key product areas include electronic primary flight displays, engine displays, mission computers, electronic flight bags and certified servers for airborne applications. Services include system integration and custom software for critical applications. Since its founding in 1959, Astronautics has been providing tailored engineering solutions to help customers achieve mission success.

As a privately held company, Astronautics Corporation of America is both the parent company for all of its diverse aviation subsidiaries and enterprises, and the primary source of its own innovation as prime contractor for its main aviation programs. With a skilled workforce based in Milwaukee, Wisc., Astronautics continues to set the pace for the industry in several areas.

Founded by the brother-and-sister duo of Nathaniel (“Nate”) Zelazo, Norma Zelazo Paige as a technology innovator to meet emerging aerospace challenges , Astronautics’ products and services have found their way into more than 150,000 civil and military aircraft around the world. Throughout the aerospace industry, Astronautics has been a trusted partner that routinely delivers technology innovation through affordable, tailored solutions that get the job done every day.

Astronautics’ subsidiary, Kearfott Corporation, is a leading designer and manufacturer of inertial navigation systems and motion-and-control components for platforms used in air, space, land and sea.

In addition, Astronautics Technology Center is a widely recognized leader in the design and development of cutting-edge magnetic refrigeration systems.

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