Glass Cockpit with CNS/ATM Upgrade to Improve Situational Awareness and Enhance Safety

Systems Integrator for Flight Management System, GPS, Autopilot and a Suite of Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Equipment

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, April 22, 2015 Astronautics Corporation of America announced today that it has been selected to complete a full cockpit modernization for the first L-100 aircraft in the Peruvian Air Force’s (PAF) fleet. The L-100 is a civil version of the C-130.

As the prime contractor for this Avionics Upgrade Program (AUP), Astronautics will update the L-100 with an integrated glass cockpit designed to maximize crew situational awareness with digital interfaces and displays, enhanced functionality, and additional safety features which provide information such as traffic, terrain and weather.

The flight deck will feature six Astronautics 6×8 Electronic Flight Instrument/Engine Instrument & Caution Advisory System displays and dual Engine Data Concentrator Units together with a full Communication, Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) avionics upgrade. As part of the AUP, Astronautics will lead the systems integration of the flight management system, global positioning system, and autopilot/flight director from other suppliers, along with a complete suite of radio communications, navigation, and surveillance equipment. Astronautics will further support the PAF with aircrew training, assistance with flight test, and program architecture and documentation. Electronica General will provide the in-country installation services.

“Astronautics provides total avionics system solutions for several international C-130 and helicopter upgrade programs. This proven experience coupled with our demonstrated on-time delivery record were key factors in this win. Astronautics is committed to achieving the PAF L-100 program schedule with a reliable, affordable solution which provides for fleet sustainment and civil airspace operability,” said Dan Wade, Vice President of International Business Development.

Astronautics is scheduled to complete the first PAF L-100 AUP in 2016.


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