The research laboratory will bring together industry and academic coalition
members to develop and test aerospace and defense cybersecurity technologies

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, July 28, 2016 – Astronautics Corporation of America is taking a leadership role in the exploration of a future Center of Excellence for Integrated Aerospace and Defense Technologies, as announced today by Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh during the annual meeting of the Aerospace States Association, a national policy organization.

With the help of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), Astronautics will form a coalition with other Wisconsin companies and universities with the intent to collaborate and participate in a center that will focus on aerospace cybersecurity systems and solutions, making it the first independent facility of its kind in the nation.

The center will consist of a research laboratory located on Astronautics’ Milwaukee campus and be available for use by partner companies and universities. Focusing on global information technology security and aerospace cyber projects, the center will include advanced open source cockpit and navigational systems simulators, integration and verification stations, and security penetration testing for the collaborative development of integrated and secure interfaces between life-critical and general systems controls.

Astronautics will invest flight displays, airborne systems, and sensor inputs to provide a representative aircraft environment. Also, a cybersecurity workstation will be supplied to include state-of-the-art tools used to ensure the aircraft systems are protected against cyber attacks.

“Astronautics looks forward to creating and hosting a Center of Excellence that will leverage our leadership in avionics and cybersecurity to benefit both industry and higher education,” said Astronautics President Chad Cundiff. “Through the blending of aerospace and cybersecurity solutions, this center will heighten Wisconsin’s position as a technology innovator in the global aerospace industry.”

Astronautics, along with planned coalition partners, will apply for a grant from the WEDC to support the creation of the center.

The newly formed Wisconsin Aerospace Partners, an organization that promotes, stimulates, and facilitates aerospace-related education, economic opportunities, capabilities, and activities in Wisconsin, will work closely with the coalition in outreach to regional and national organizations to support the creation of this center.


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