NEXIS HELO To Offer Improved Situational Awareness and Customer-Centric Customizable Software Applications

Synthetic Vision System (SVS) To Be Displayed As Part of NEXIS HELO At Orlando HAI Show

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, March 2, 2015 – Astronautics Corporation of America is offering its proven NEXIS HELO system into commercial medium and heavy lift IFR capable helicopters designed to improve flight operations and enhance safety for helicopter operators, especially those engaged in offshore operations.

The new system will be based around an expansion of Astronautics NEXIS Server System with customized software designed specifically for helicopters operating in today’s flight environments with significant expansion capability to adapt to unique mission and future flight needs.

For Gulf of Mexico operators, who transport people and cargo to and from oil platforms, Astronautics NEXIS HELO will provide improved situational awareness and safety through the display of ADS-B traffic, terrain and obstacles, FOQA health and usage management systems (HUMS) data acquisition and management, and the ability to retrieve digitally recorded flight data from the aircraft securely, quickly and effortlessly.

“NEXIS HELO incorporates Astronautics state of the art Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI) capability to display automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) traffic and will include an integrated, fully customized Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS), certifiable Linux Operating System, and multiple functions and applications to aid flight crew during either day or night offshore operations,” said Chad Cundiff, President, Astronautics Corporations of America. “Additionally, NEXIS HELO can be expanded to include a portable tablet interface, a PaTIO, which will allow transfers of either wired or wireless data between the server and a personal electronic device (PED) like a tablet, laptop computer or Smartphone. We expect to be shipping NEXIS HELO systems with the PaTIO mid-year,” Cundiff said.

NEXIS HELO features will include enroute moving maps, airport maps, and an integrated HTAWS.

Flight crew will benefit via a paperless cockpit that improves operational efficiency while reducing weight, connectivity to a PED giving pilots access to the aircraft’s avionics and maintenance data, and a secure connection between the PED and the NEXIS server. The system will also be able to charge the PED during operations while providing data security via DO- 325A, 355 and 356 requirements. The system incorporates a reliable solid state drive (SSD) that can be field upgraded.

“Improved situational awareness, automated database updating, NextGen capability, aircraft data recording and monitoring to help control and manage maintenance costs and a full interface for PED makes this system a must-have for helicopter operators in a challenging environment,” Cundiff said.


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