Companies Propose to Work Together to Develop, Install, Test, and Certify Display Systems and Upgrade Kits for Various Aircraft

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, March 1, 2016 – Astronautics Corporation of America and Erickson Incorporated held a product demonstration flight of Astronautics’ new RoadRunner Electronic Flight Instrument (EFI). Subsequent to the flight, the companies signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work together for the certification of helicopter display and avionic upgrade kits for retrofit installation of the RoadRunner system.

Astronautics’ RoadRunner has been designed to replace current Attitude Direction Indicator and Horizontal Situation Indicator primary flight instruments, offering helicopter operators enhanced safety, reduction in operating costs, and minimal downtime.

The two companies continue to work towards an agreement that will make Astronautics a preferred supplier to Erickson, providing hardware, software, technical data, and consulting services as contracted to support integration, installation, and Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) applications.

Astronautics and Erickson will collaboratively pursue retrofit applications for various aircraft, which are targeted to include multiple medium twin turbine helicopters.

In addition, Erickson may provide Federal Aviation Association documentation and certification needed for aircraft installation and certification, including STCs.

“Astronautics is proud to enter into this MoU with Erickson to give our collective customers more comprehensive product and service offerings,” said Astronautics Vice President of Business Development Dan Ryan. “We are especially delighted to introduce RoadRunner to the marketplace as a faster way to upgrade legacy displays. RoadRunner provides operators a modern cockpit with the added safety benefits of an embedded helicopter terrain avoidance system and synthetic vision.”

“At Erickson, we have developed a unique set of capabilities to support and improve the operational performance of legacy aircraft,” said Kerry Jarandson, Vice President of Manufacturing and MRO at Erickson. “Through this partnership pursuit, we look forward to continuing our mission of moving legacy aircraft in to the future.”


About Astronautics Corporation of America

    Astronautics Corporation of America, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of avionics equipment and systems for the commercial and military aerospace industry. Key product areas include electronic primary flight displays, engine displays, mission computers, electronic flight bags, and certified servers for airborne applications. Services include system integration and custom software for critical applications. Since its founding in 1959, Astronautics has been providing tailored engineering solutions to help clients achieve mission success.

About Erickson

    Erickson is a leading global provider of aviation services and operates, maintains and manufactures utility aircraft to safely transport and place people and cargo around the world.  The Company is self-reliant, multifaceted and operates in remote locations under challenging conditions specializing in Government Services, Manufacturing and MRO, and Commercial Services (comprised of firefighting, HVAC, power line, construction, timber harvesting, oil and gas and specialty lift). With roots dating back to 1960, Erickson operates a fleet of approximately 80 aircraft, is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA, and operates in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Australia. For more information, please visit their new website at